sticAll because you’re not bankrolling millions doesn’t mean you’re eating habits have to suffer. Stic of Dead Prez has always been a huge advocate of healthy eating and took the time to share various tips on how to eat good while on a hood budget. Here’s some of the insight he offered:

1. Choose Produce not Packages: People think eating healthy is about buying a lot of expensive boxes and packages of processed foods, but that isn’t the case at all. The cheapest most nutrient dense food in a grocery store in the produce aisle. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Trying to buy costly packaged goods, potato chips and sugary juices and all kinds of over processed items, even at a health food store is when the budget starts to soar. When we feel we don’t have time to cook we often go for a lot of “quick fix” items like pizzas and pre-cut bags of French fries and stuff like that. That’s where the money adds up.

2. Cook Big and Save Some for Later: Cooking meals in large batches and freezing the leftovers for later in the week or month can save you a lot of time and money. Instead of buying fast food or eating out at restaurants, or even cooking a full meal every time you get hungry, it’s way more cost-effective and time-saving and healthy for you to pull something out of the freezer and warm it up than it is to wash/chop/slice/boil/bake/wait in line/wait to be served etc. Pre-preparing and freezing weekly sized portions of rice or salad choppings or beans etc will simplify your meal duties.

3. Soup Up your Options: Large vegetable soups over brown rice or whole grain noodles pack in vitamins and nutrients, fill you up and are easy to make and delicious. Also Bean burritos, chili, and bean soup can be easy to prepare, cheap and good for you. Going totally meatless a couple of times a week (or for good) also helps your budget and gives your palate a variety to enjoy. Frozen veggies, which are inexpensive, work great in Soups. Nothing compares to that good and filling, good feeling of a hot and hearty bowl of Soup. Cheap, packed with nutrients, easy to prepare. Its the new “Soup-er” food! Lol!

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  • Mmmgood

    I like his tips and they are practical and doable for anyone.Also, I can attest to cutting down (or cutting out) meat can help the budget. I am a vegetarian and it has cut down on my food bill greatly.

    His advice is much better than Boris Kodjoe’s condescending, dickhole-sounding advice to black women.

  • Shelly

    Great advise!

  • Interesting and do able advice. I kept hearing about the soup thing don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to making some, it seems so easy.

  • RJ

    Great advice and very appreciated for those who need it. I just wish we would stop using the terminology “hood” . It really takes away people’s dignity. I want all people to feel valued.

    I know I am on the outside looking in but it just strikes me as odd. Just my thoughts.

  • ruggie

    I love Dead Prez, progressive hip hop is the best!