Female Referees Make History at Miles College

History was made at Miles College football game Thursday night in Alabama. For the first time, a majority-female crew refereed an NCAA game.

“It’s great because it shows women are interested in the game,” Yvonda Lewis, a referee who has led games for 10 years, told WRBC-TV.

At first it was intimidating to make the transition into a male-dominated profession, Lewis said. But now, as more women have increased their interest in refereeing games, they do what they can to not stand out on the field and prove their equal level of capability.

“That’s why a lot of us wear our hair up so you won’t notice we’re out here,” Lewis said.

The NFL also noticed the increase of female referees. David Coleman, the Director of Officiating for the NFL, explained what he expected from them, speaking specifically on a back judge that he had his eye on.

“We expect her to do just like any other back judge. She has proven herself at that position. She has the athleticism, agility, and the skill to do it.”

He also mentioned that it wouldn’t be long before more female referees are included in NFL games.


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