Many people have wondered what has become of the American Idol winners who won the nation’s heart in the earlier seasons. Especially Ruben Studdard.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Biggest Loser, the now 35-year old Ruben Studdard shockingly revealed that he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

“I am afraid,” Studdard told his coach Dolvette Quince and Dr. Huizenga on the show. “I have seen a lot of lives cut short because of health issues. I’ve worked since I was 11-years-old to be a professional singer. That’s all I ever wanted to do.”

He also expressed that he knows now is the time to focus on his health, especially because his blood sugar levels have been reported to be extremely high across the board.

“I most definitely want to be around for a long time,” Studdard said. “This has really, like, given me a second chance.”

At the beginning of the show, Studdard weighed in at 462 pounds. Over the course of the weeks though he’s dropped more than 30 pounds and now weighs in at 431 pounds.

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  • fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables…….

  • JaeBee

    Really?! The man weighs 462 lbs and people are shocked that he developed Type 2 diabetes? I’d be more shocked if he told us he didn’t have diabetes.

  • No surprise there. Sugar is KILLING the black community and Americans in the millions.

  • Add water to your diet Ruben. And replace a meal with healthy snacks and a handful of nuts.

  • I wish him all the best.