Karl LagerfeldA group of French women are not to happy with some recent statements that came out of Karl Lagerfeld’s mouth.

Belle, Ronde Sexy et je m’assume, a French organization that represents full-figured women, is suing the outspoken fashion designer, the group told AFP.

They are demanding “a right to respond to and confront” Lagerfeld about comments he made on French television show “Le Grand 8”. He allegedly accused “fat people” for the deficient in France’s healthcare system.

“The hole in social security, it’s also [due to] all the diseases caught by people who are too fat,” said Lagerfeld.

He also restated his opinion on curvy women and the fashion industry: “Nobody wants to see round women on the catwalk.”

Betty Aubrière, a member of the organization, told AFP that it’s time for Lagerfeld to be held accountable.

“These insults by public personalities must stop.”

“We’re sick of it. There are many young girls who don’t feel comfortable in their skin, and for them to hear comments like that is terrible for them.”

“Today it’s [Lagerfeld] who finds us offensive. Who will it be tomorrow?”.

Lagerfield is known for being outspoken. In 2012, his words created quite a stir when he made a comment about British singer Adele’s weight in an interview with a French newspaper. “Adele is a little bit too fat, but she has a pretty face and a divine voice,” he said.

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  • KP

    He thinks the French women have an obesity problem? He needs to come to America and see what black men have look at and deal with.

    • sigh…he should also show up at your next family gathering and see how they deal with you…

  • E

    He looks like a Madame Tussauds wax version of himself…scary

  • K.P is a loser


    The women don’t have much to look at either. That’s just not talking about weight.

  • He needs Church

    Lagerfeld has unrealistic expectations of women and their weight. French women need to kidnap him and make him spend one week in the black communities of America and in black churches….. tramatized. lol

    He would come back to France and kiss the ground French women walk on and I think he’d have a new appreciation and different perspective on what is and is not an unhealthy woman.

    • SayWhat

      So let me get this straight, to see what you consider a ‘prime/perfect’ example of an unhealthy woman he should be around black women? With the honey boo-boos of America (and the world for that matter) you choose to focus on black women?
      a. he needs to take you to church with him when he finds one and
      b. Kick rocks………..with no shoes on

    • Genny

      How dare u. Black women are more beautiful than u