Sheldon Mba is a college sophomore at North Carolina Central University. He loves to dance, plays the tuba, and just finished choreographing his school’s production of Dreamgirls.

In 2012, Sheldon was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, a disease that requires a life-saving bone marrow match.  Sheldon and many other African-Americans in need of transplants need your help. Right now, minorities make up only 25% of the national bone marrow donor registry and as a result, African Americans have the lowest likelihood of finding a match.

You could be the one to save Sheldon’s life, or the life of others like him who has a rare blood disorder and needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant through’s Give a Spit campaign. Give a Spit encourages college students to swab their cheek to register for the national bone marrow donor registry You can help by visiting or texting SPIT to 38383 to sign up to host a swab party and help find Sheldon a match.

Here’s how Give A Spit works:

1. College students host local donor registration “parties” (25+ people) or “get-togethers” (2-24 people) on their school campuses
2. and Be the Match help the students organize their events by shipping free of  charge swab kits containing all of the materials needed to register new donors
3. Be the Match provides free-of-charge bone marrow typing for all participants
4. If participants are not able to host an event or find an event in their area to participate in, they can sign up to swab individually

You can help by visiting or texting SPIT to 38383 to sign up to host a swab party.


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  • simplyme

    I’ve been on the registry for 5 years and have already donated once. I wish people knew how easy this was. You can also just go directly to the marrow registry website Sign up. Be The Match will send you a kit in the mail and you just mail back your samples for free for typing.