Some of my favorite films involve drug addiction. From serious films like “The Panic in Needle Park” and “Requiem for a Dream“, to the not so serious ones like “Half Baked” and “Pineapple Express“. These films are classics when it comes to the duality that can exist in drug addiction.

Shaka King’s new film“Newlyweeds”, is engulfed in marijuana smoke. It provides a cautionary tale of addiction. The film stars Amari Cheatom as Lyle, a Brooklyn repo man living with his girlfriend, Nina, portrayed by Trae Harris. The film follows the wasted antics of Lyle and Nina. It takes you through episodes of their paranoia and hilarity, but also provides insight on how a drug so ‘natural’ can turn toxic. And thus begins their love triangle.


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  • omfg

    it’s pretty sad that when black people decide to tell stories about ourselves, we feed into every stereotype.

    it’s like black people see themselves as walking tropes and can’t quite seem to figure out how to tell a story that doesn’t step outside of that.

    not every black person smokes pot. i get sick of nonblack people looking at me like i have two heads when i tell them i don’t smoke pot and get high.


    • stellaxo

      I’ve also thought about why this (blacks portraying their own as stereotypes, especially when said black filmmaker/producer is anything but that) so common. Maybe they think that the movie will appeal to a greater demographic? I really don’t know what it is. If there were a movie store that only had black films, there would seriously be like 2 or 3 genres..
      mayyybe a few outliers, but thats it.

    • “it’s pretty sad that when black people decide to tell stories about ourselves, we feed into every stereotype.”

      HUH??? We? So every movie a film maker makes has to appeal to every black person because we are all the same right? The plight of the black race has to ride on the film makers back therefore he has to make sure his films,because they are black directed,must be positive all the time. Every black person must be a doctor or a lawyer in black films to crush stereotypes in their path!?

      Black people cant write about reality or personal experiences in fear that some may look at it as stereotypical? He chose to write about this and that’s just it. Just because you don’t smoke weed does not mean that other don’t smoke weed either.

      You sound crazy with that comment of yours. Black people like you really get on my nervous because you feel as though things like this inst reality for some people. Every black person is a individual just like the people of other races so for you to feel like a black person cant share their INDIVIDUAL story in fear that it may embarrass the whole race then,,,smh, i feel sorry for you.

    • omfg

      i am not crazy.

      if you enjoy watching black people continually embrace and regurgitate the same tired tropes when it’s time for them to tell their stories, go right ahead.

      imo, the main point of black people telling their own stories is to offer a fuller depiction of black people and their humanity. would you be okay if someone white made this movie? i mean, i can’t really distinguish between the same tired tropes whites pull out when making tv and movies that deal with blacks and those that blacks create.

      making movies about black druggies, incarceration, gangs, etc. is no different from what whites do.

      if you (and other blacks) can’t understand that while you think you are operating under some idea of free expression or whatever, you are still working in the bubble whites have created. you are merely recreating what they have already done and continue to do.

      so yes, it is sad that when blacks get the mike, they can still think of nothing better (or smarter or more interesting or more creative) to do than recycle the same sorry dumb crap you would normally complain about if a white person told the same story.

      while i may be crazy, you are ignorant, can’t see the bigger picture and have very low standards for artistic expression.

      entertainment blacks can be the worst.

    • ScriptTease

      I can’t speak from others, but I would like to see films that is opposite of Black Struggles and Heartache and pain, but still starring Black Folks.

  • sankofa

    I’ve been following this film for a while. I’ll try and see it when it comes to my neck of the woods. That said, I don’t see this as a negative portrayal of black people. I’m not trying to be thick or argumentative, but it just seems like a straightforward rom-com/ stoner flick. I’ve heard good things about it so I’d be inclined to see it, but I’m very wary of attaching social responsibility to EVERY piece of art a black person makes.
    As an aspiring filmmaker it’s cool to see people who look like me making eclectic original stories. I’d also still love to see an Oversimplification of Her Beauty, which this movie reminds me of minus the drug use.

    • Tristan Taylor.

      An Oversimplification of her beauty is showing in my city this weekend. Wish I was there so I could watch.

      As a black filmmaker and aspiring director myself (God, I really hope my graduate thesis film does well.) , I don’t really see any problem with this film either. Or at least what I saw from the trailer. It seems like it’s showing a relationship between two people that just involves the fact that they smoke weed. Which honestly, is an honest relationship in any race of people or economical background.

      Movies come out every year with whites smoking weed in them and nobody is angered/annoyed at those. Let this movie rock and base your opinions on the message the movie told and the relationship the director created between the two lovers. Not the fact that there’s weed involved.

    • simplyme

      I completely agree, sankofa. If anything the movie seems to be shedding some light on people and topics that are commonly stereotyped and bringing some humanity and originality to the picture. I love movies like that.

  • sankofa

    daww think my comment disappeared