This Man Puts All Others To Shame By Planning Girlfriend's Dream Wedding From Her Pinterest Boards

Ryan Leak, are you for real or are you a figment of the female imagination?  Bow down to the man who overheard his girlfriend Amanda Roman saying that her secret dream was to get engaged and married on the same day and got to work making that shit happen. Not only did Leak figure out how to navigate his way around Pinterest (a skill that I have yet to master), but he managed to plan their wedding entirely from 224 re-Pins in her “My Dream Wedding” folder. WITHOUT HER KNOWING.

“I always knew I wanted an extravagant wedding, but I never anticipated doing anything as drastic as this. For over a year I had to arrange to take calls in private and was forced to put locks on my phone just in case she saw anything. We had around 100 guests and apparently over ,1000 people knew what I was planning so it’s pretty amazing she didn’t find out,” said Leak.

I mean, come on! Congrats to the couple. I look forward to seeing what Ryan is planning for their anniversary because as much as he killed the whole engagement/wedding, he’s kind of screwed himself for life. Because how do you top that? [Jezebel]


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