Twerking By The Football Field: San Diego Students Suspended For 'Twerking' Video

This weekend is Annapolis High School’s homecoming and the festivities received a make-over. Students who plan to attend this year’s homecoming dance will be required to sign a “dance contract”.

What’s included in this dance contract?  Pretty simple. No twerking. No grinding. Or any other provocative dances. And by chance what happens if you don’t sign it? Well, you’re assed out of homecoming.

From WJZ Baltimore:

“Dances have become more provocative in recent years, and we’ve had some issues at schools frankly,” said Bob Mosier, Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

“I think it’s fair, because some of the kids do need to tone it down,” said Nicole Harbor, parent. The dance contract itself is nothing new, but having parents sign it is, and students say the contract is a lot more specific this year. Nine out of 12 high schools in Anne Arundel County have some form of dance contracts, but not all require signatures.  The specific guidelines are left up to individual principals. Students believe the increased enforcement is due to increased attention on certain moves, like twerking. “I know my parents would never know what that was, but now they know what twerking is,” said Bailey Greene, student.

But even parents who signed the contract doubted its effectiveness.

“The schools have to do something, but whether it will be 100 percent successful…I doubt it,” said Bill Wink, parent. In addition to the ban on certain types of dancing, the contract also requires students to dress appropriately.  They cannot show excessive amounts of skin. WJZ did call several other districts.  None of those had a district-wide policy regarding school dances. The decision is left up to principals.

Here’s to “Footloose” 2013.

Well, there’s always the cupid shuffle.

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