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On the heels of just announcing that it will no longer market some of its less nutritional options to children, McDonald’s is now looking to educate the kids. Because McDonald’s loves children, especially those children whose parents allow them to eat their meat byproducts. From November 1 to November 13, McDonald’s will do away with their regular Happy Meal toys and stuff each Happy Meal bag with books. 

According to McDonald’s, the books will all come with a “message” about healthy eating habits.  In the book called The Goat Who Ate Everything, the main character (a goat of course) will have eating control issues.  Unfortunately, McDonald’s isn’t reaching out to published or up and coming authors, but will write the books on their own.

Not everyone is singing praise about the newest McDonald’s campaign. The advocacy group,  Corporate Accountability International, thinks this newest McDonald’s campaign is just a ploy to reinforce the brand to kids and parents.

“By associating the brand with a message of healthy eating, it’s tricking kids and parents into thinking that McDonald’s has their best interests in mind,” she said. “This move is clearly a reaction to growing pressure from parents and health professionals around the impact its marketing is having on kids – driving an epidemic of diet-related disease. This is not the change parents and health professionals have been demanding.”

I’m all for reading, especially when it comes to the lost art of reading an actual book and not an e-book. But come on McDonald’s, we see what you’re doing here. But then again, it’s not the 5-year-old children driving up to the drive-through window purchasing Happy Meals, it’s their parents.

Clutchettes, what do you think about the new Happy Meal books?

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