SaggingA McDonald’s fast food restaurant located in West Houston, Texas has decided to ban individuals wearing saggy pants to enter the popular eatery, KHOU11 reports.

The fast food spot posted a sign detailing the change:

“Pull your pants up or don’t come in. Try to have some decency and respect for others. No one wants to see your underwear.”

Some residents believe that the ban is a good idea, citing health issues as a reason why the McDonald’s store should uphold the rule on its property.

Other residents told KHOU11 that they believe the ban is discriminatory and encroaches upon citizens’ personal rights to freedom.

A statement from McDonald’s corporate office didn’t address the issue specifically. It simply stated that “owner operated franchises can customize the experience for their customers.”

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  • Hope

    Does this ban include women? I’m sick of seeing over weight women struggle to stuff their crack, stretch marks, and privates back into their jeans. It always falls back out! Then there’s the bra-less thing too. It’s absolutely nasty for heavy women to allow saggy stretch mark covered breast to hang out of tops or dresses. Stop it! There are clothes that fit. Men could never get away with that excuse.

  • @ Hope
    Your whole comment was just unnecessary and no needed everyone could be guilty or wearing clothes that does not look right on them

    As for this ban, I didn’t even know saggy pants was still such an issue haven’t men moved on to tighter jeans or fitted pants.

  • BeanBean

    Discriminatory?? Last time I checked you can’t come into restaurants naked either. There is no reason to walk around in public with your underwear showing. If that’s how you want to dress around friends that’s fine, but public is different. When I go out to eat, the only buns I want to see are the ones holding my cheeseburger.

  • apple

    i think its great.. lets be real we know what they are really saying.. but see the great thing is , your pants are changeable so you can choose NOT to have sagging pants.. but not to be politically correct its usually low life men who wear baggy pants.. the kind of men who say “hey girl hey girl you gotta man??” and then call you a bitch,slut,and ugly if you don’t respond..

    • Sounds like your dad with plumber’s crack

  • Come on people… It’s TEXAS. Another racist state. It’s not about sagging. It’s about how they can cleverly make a law that targets people of color. If they really care about hygiene and appearance, how about all these women in wearing yoga pants and spandex? Especially those that aren’t wearing panties underneath. Even worst, spandex shorts that look like they should be undergarments. And to make even worst than that, you have grade/middle/high school girls running around wearing the same thing exposing their anatomy (because they wanna wear what 20-30 years think is cool). But everybody is sooooo worried about a small group of people sagging.

    On top of that, where is the uproar on “No Pants Day?”