Fifth graders at Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas told their parents a music teacher divided the class by race, as well as insulted their families.

“He called the class stupid, and when he separated the black kids from the white kids, he told the black kids, ‘I know where y’all from’,” parent Sandra Lee told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. “He said, ‘I can tell neither one of y’all get punished at home.'”

“It was racist,” added Lee. “Everything that was going on was racist. At that school, at that classroom, with that teacher, it was very racist.”

The Fort Worth Independent School district said in a statement it was aware of the allegations, and would take appropriate action after the facts are known.

Maybe someone should inform the teacher segregation end a little while ago. Interestingly enough, a quick look at the school’s website shows the only music teacher listed, seems to be Latino. 

At this point, all I can say is  home school your kids. They’re probably better off.

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  • Anthony

    I don’t know how relevant it is that the teacher is Latino. Anybody who is alive knows that anyone can, including black people, can embrace anti-black racism. I just hope the teacher is fired assuming the allegations are true.

  • Latinos have just as big (if not bigger) internal color and race issues as black folks so the fact that the teacher is Latino is neither here nor there. I’d love to know what was going through this his mind however. He had to know that the students were going to say something to somebody about this. Wonder what the “justification” is going to be if its true/the teacher fesses up.