I’m not a fan of the beauty supply shop, but the other day I had no other choice. I looked in my cabinet and was out of go-to hair moisturizer, which is one I actually make myself. I knew I could always order my ingredients online, but I needed something that same day. I had to swallow my pride and head to my local beauty supply.

Aisle after aisle I looked at products. Read labels. Smelled bottles. Until I came across a name I was familiar with. Taliah Waajid. I was shocked to find a large selection of her products. One in particular caught my eye. I’m not one that loves to use a lot of creams, I prefer my moisturizers in spray form, so I thought I’d give it a try.

After washing my hair that evening I saturated my scalp and hair with the spray. Did my regular maintenance and wrapped it for the night. The next morning I woke up and my hair was soft and my scalp was still well moisturized. Not to mention it smelled amazing. It’s a light, but not overwhelming, coconut scent.

Here are just a few reviews from Amazon customers with natural and relaxed hair:

“I can’t stop touching my hair! I bought this product on a whim because I was looking for a moisturizer that wouldn’t weigh my hair down. It smells like coconuts and I love it. This product makes my twists super soft and I can touch my hair without getting that greasy feeling. One negative is that it’s a bit sticky when you first apply it but it only lasts for a few minutes. This will become a staple product.”

“I went to a local beauty supply, looking for a mosturizer with Aloe, without alcohol, and mostly natural. This had only 10 things in it and I could pronounce most of the ingredients, so I bought it. Although, later I did realize it has cetyl alcohol, but it doesn’t dry out my hair at all. I usually use it every night to pin curl my hair. I use a good amount, so it leaves my hair slightly damp. I really focus on the harder to comb parts, my edges. I work out a lot and I have never been able to say that my hair looks as good as it did right after I permed it, because my hair usually has that yucky texture from all the sweat (I wash my hair once a week usually). I spray it before combing and it makes it so much easier. The next day it looks the exact same, if not better than the day before, with the soft texture I have come quite accustomed to. It works wonders, because it detangles and helps with my new growth. I used it before my last perm and I was able to go an extra two weeks, because it made my hair so manageable and soft. I used it along with my usual deep conditioner(under a hair dryer) and my hair has never felt softer after washing it out. I put more in it after washing it out, of course, I just wanted the heat to help it penetrate my hair as much as possible. I must also add that I am transitioning to only using heat when applying a deep conditioner and it has helped tremendously in that aspect, to aid in minimizing tangles.”

“Ok peeps. If you have natural hair or locs, this is the product for you! I have pretty dry hair and have tried several different products on the market with varying levels of success. I was doing some research and came across Taliah Waajid. I read about her products and there were many positive reviews. I then called the company and spoke to one of her consultants who told me how to use the product. The consultant was amazing and the fact that he took that much time to teach me about the product had me sold. I started using the product and it really has been amazing. My locs are extremely moisturized, but the product does not leave my hair feeling heavy. In fact, I usually wear my locs crinkled and this product does not make the crinkles fall out. It smells great and makes my scalp feel wonderful!”

The ingredients for the Mist Bodifier are: deionized water (aqua), wheat germ extract, (triticum vulgare), aloe vera (aloe barbadensis leaf, cetrimonium bromide, cetyl alc., DMDM Hydantion, Olive oil )olea europaena), gylcerol-(vegatable derived), silk amino acid, bay laurel ( lauris no bilis), fragrance (parfum).

I rarely add new products to my hair care arsenal, but this one has earned its place.

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