The NFL is currently a huddle of  pink in honor the their Breast Cancer Awareness initiative. Honestly, I’ve always had an issue with the NFL turning pink because they don’t turn blue to raise awareness about prostate cancer, I mean, the NFL is filled with men with prostates. Currently the NFL is under fire after a report on how profits from the league’s pink merchandise sales are distributed.

A report by Business Insider shows much beneficiaries receive and the American Cancer Society (ACS) is the smallest:

“For every $100 in pink merchandise sold, $12.50 goes to the NFL. Of that, $11.25 goes to the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the NFL keeps the rest. The remaining money is then divided up by the company that makes the merchandise (37.5%) and the company that sells the merchandise (50.0%), which is often the NFL and the individual teams.”

Any of the pink merchandise bought  from the NFL’s official site, the league gets 12.5 percent for royalties (11.25 percent of which they donate to the ACS), but the league then receives an additional 50 percent by being the vendor of the merchandise. So in actuality, the NFL is not donating 11.25 percent of their 12.5 percent, but rather 11.25 percent from their 62.5 percent.

This exactly why instead of buying tons of pink crap from the NFL or any other company suggesting that profits will benefit a cancer charity, you should instead just donate to a charity. But even then, make sure the charity you’re donating to has their ducks in a row.

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  • Deb

    I used to wonder why breast cancer of all the cancers gets more attention and faux awareness, then I realized it had the best, most attractive marketing campaigns out of all cancers. How sad and sick is that.

  • Marisa

    I saw that documentary Pink Ribbon as well and completely changed how I go about supporting these charities. Its the new financial scheme preying on the kindness of others a lot of these companies from beauty, fashion, foods, cleaning, have ingredients that possibly has cancer causing agents. Instead of actually revamping their products to lessen some of the negative effects, all they do is slap a pink ribbon, a yellow bracelet, a blue button whatever on it and call it charitable. Like that 5 Hour Energy shot drink that has the pink bottles with supposedly proceeds going to fight Breast Cancer, great how sweet except there have been some death linked to that 5 Hour Energy shot drink, these companies will do anything to take the heat off. The NFL is right up there your doing this every year but can’t figure out the safety of our players, and started a rule about what bags you can bring into the stadiums which we all know affect women the most yeah The National Football League and good ole Rodger really cares yall lol.