What will probably be considered the biggest waste of time and money in the history of the government, the shutdown’s finally over, the debt ceiling issue isn’t an issue for now and the GOP still failed to touch Obamacare.

But don’t get too excited. The resolution could be short lived. The U.S will be funded through January 15, and the debt cushion has only been extended through February 7.  In a couple of months, havoc could potentially return. The bill that passed last night, with a vote of 285-144, didn’t address the changes to entitlement programs and tax reform. Both of these issues continue to divide the Democrats and Rethuglicans.

“We think that we’ll be back here in January debating the same issues,” John Chambers, managing director of Standard and Poor’s rating service, told CNN on Wednesday night. “This is, I fear, a permanent feature of our budgetary process.”

As of this morning more than 800,000 furloughed employees will return to work. More than 1 million others who’ve been working without pay will see paychecks again.


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  • SEd

    I get the feeling that politicians (including the president and all the Congresspeople) are in cahoots with the media to make the government as close to a reality show as possible. It seems like every year there’s another political cliffhanger for the viewing audience to stay glued to news outlets over, like we’re watching Scandal. So we passed another TEMPORARY bill. Stay tuned for next season on “Government’s Cliff”.

    I’m sick of Obama’s lectures, Republican’s games, Democrat’s righteousness. They all suck, and they all know none of these last minute “deal or die” deadlines are real. They’re just a bunch of smokes and mirrors so we don’t see them raising the cost of living when we all “breathe a sigh of relief” because we just “averted another crisis”. Such BS!