Years ago when I got engaged, I informed my ex that I really didn’t want an engagement ring because I hardly wore jewelry on my hands. An engagement pair of shoes, an engagement laptop, or even an engagement vacation were my ideas.  But in the end, he went out and purchased a gaudy diamond ring. Months later I found out he also purchased one for his other girlfriend, so that put the kibosh on any type of wedding. My ex never mentioned if I was going to put money towards the ring, and to my surprise he never asked for the ring, so I sold it and bought a laptop, a pair of shoes and paid off some credit cards.

It’s no secret that engagement rings can be costly and in order to cut the costs many couples are now splitting the cost of the engagement ring. In a survey conducted by the Knot, women respondents reported putting money down on their own ring to help out a less financially stable partner, paying for a ring with a joint account, or, in a few cases, agreeing to contribute in exchange for a larger rock.

Not everyone is willing to chip in.

The Today show did a similar poll recently and  54 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t be willing to split the cost of an engagement ring, and 46 percent said they would. Since more women are breadwinners, does it seem reasonable for women to go half on an engagement ring, or even pay for it themselves?

Clutchettes, would you buy your own engagement ring or split the costs?

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  • Happy

    I wear two white gold wedding bands to protest the importance of a large diamond. My husband and I dated 9 1/2 years (without rings) before we married and since we were marrying and moving to Atlanta with no jobs, he purchased a small ring. When he started making good money he wanted to get me a “ROCK” but I always said no. I always asked for a beautiful trip to the Caribbean, South America and Mexico. I felt the ring is for other people but our trips are for us. I also did it because we saw people marry and divorce in the time that we dated 9 1/2 years and the wife had a “Rock”. We are together 30 years total now and I am here to say the ring does not mean anything. It is about the relationship.

  • vagowner

    1-i don’t need an expensive or extravagant ring. i don’t like to advertise “rob me” to others

    2-if he is flashy he probably spends too much and we’d end up broke during marriage. red flag

    3-if he can’t afford a modest ring, then he’s not ready for marriage.

  • Kiki

    I will go half on a lot of things but not on my ring.