After moving to Philadelphia from Fort Collins, Colorado, artist Hannah Price started experiencing street harassment for the first time, and she came up with a novel way to respond to it: she turned her camera on the men who catcalled her. In a fascinating interview with The Morning News, Price describes how she takes the portraits: “Once a guy catcalls me, depending on the situation, I would either candidly take their photographor walk up to them and ask if I can take their photograph. They usually agree and we talk about our lives as I make their portrait.”

The resulting images are mesmerizing for a number of reasons. First of all, the pictures create a moment of genuine connection between Price and the men who openly harassed her. You can tell which of the men were willing to talk to her, which ones were hesitant to be photographed, which ones felt shame when asked to appear on camera. Price’s decision to engage these men instead of averting her eyes and quickening her pace takes the anonymity out of the catcalling equation.

I was also struck by how vulnerable some of the men in the photos look. Every woman knows how small and vulnerable being catcalled can make you feel — to see some of the men behind these taunts show their own vulnerability turns the entire dynamic on its head. Price’s photos remind us that these men are human. Their behavior is disgusting, their view of women is appalling, but they’re not monsters. They are complex, confused humans.

Hopefully, the interaction also reminded them that Price and every other woman they mistreat is a human too, deserving of kindness and respect.

Check out all of the portraits at Hannah Price’s website, and kudos to Price for creating such a brave and thought-provoking photo series.


The Frisky

This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.

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  • Lamont

    See Maggie Hadleigh-West’s video WAR ZONE which used the same tactic (photographing catcalling men) years ago

  • jon

    Let’s not paint these guys to be these “complex, confused humans”, like some beautifully tragic thing. they are sexual harassers, and in the simplest form, terrorists.

    • Ameena

      They’re terrorists? I’ve never heard of death by a whistle.

    • Don

      …’terrorists’, though…?

  • J F Sebastian

    Wait. So easily and animalistically verbalizing attractiveness is “disgusting?” Always?! Thank you so much for defining the world for me, there, then.

  • SuperXtar

    YOu ladies only understand ONE side of this equation. A Male is not approached by females. In is incumbent on the male to initiate any encounters. They use that “technique” in short, because IT WORKS. Maybe not on YOU. But it works! Would the photographer have walked up to one of them and said wow you are handsome/fit/intelligent or whatever and say can we get together? We all know the answer to that is NO. So the only chance of that happening is if the MAN said something. SOOOO…how do you get a young lady’s attention? If they ran after you on the street and gave you flowers what would be the result? “HES A DESPERATE CREEP” If he offered you a ride in his car..would you take it? HELL NAW! So I ask you..What are these guys to do? Feel like they are sub human and not worthy of the company of a woman? What they did was totally understandable. They TRIED to get your ATTENTION. Thats ALL. They did not HARM or threaten. Yes it was CRUDE but there was NO OTHER WAY. I am a perfect gentleman who graduated from the #1 program in the nation in Engineering. And there would not have been a single VIABLE thing that I could have done to get her attention EITHER other than CALL OUT TO HER. I encourage all dissenting people to read “Why MEN ARE THE WAY THEY ARE” by DR WARREN FARRELL. If you are honest you may begin to understand the other side of that equation. Like what MEN have to deal with..and WOMEN TOO

    • Ameena

      I agree. These guys were just being guys. As long as they’re not saying vulgar things or touching her-she should ignore it. The time will come when no man will want to shout her out & she’ll wish they were.

    • Lyssa

      You are so ridiculous. Your entire way of thinking is based on the idea that you are entitled to anyone’s attention. The only way?

      It works on some people so lets override civility for those of us who are just trying to live life just like you?

      Men like you disgust me. Its not flattering and I resent ruined mornings and afternoons because of people like you.