Phylicia Rashad

The mother we all grew to love (and sometimes wished was our own) during the 80s is still offering good advice . Phylicia Rashad, the now 65-year-old actress who co-starred with Bill Cosby as mother and attorney Clair Huxtable on “The Cosby Show”, spoke at Claflin University Tuesday. She encouraged the student body to get involved with civic organizing and spoke on the importance of youth involvement in politics.

“I’m here to encourage you that your participation in the political process has value, importance and is a necessity,” Rashad said to university students.

“Laws will affect you. They will govern how people are educated and who will receive the funding for that education. It will affect the climate in which your children will grow or not…. Are you playing your full role in the process of law making and do you realize your power?”

“Significant changes are made because of the involvement of young people,” Rashad added, citing how protests by youth helped bring about the end of the Vietnam war. She also discussed how the work of our ancestors should be a key reason why young people should not give up on having an impact on politics today.

The event was part of South Carolina Democratic Party’s 2013 College Tour.

Watch the full speech here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKePgkqOZx4

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