As Miley Cyrus gets slammed in the press and in the court of public opinion, several rappers have rushed to her defense or even recruited her to sing/rap on their records. Not Questlove. When The Associated Press asked the Roots frontman how he felt about Miley’s collaborations with rappers, he responded: “Or the idea of Miley using us as accessories? I don’t know.”

Quest continued, saying:

“I kind of felt same sort of way when Gwen Stefani went through her Asian phase as accessories. At the end of the day, it’s like, is that objectifying us? Hip-hop is already a one-dimensional view as far as us looking like caricatures…Yeah, I’m all for collaborating, my life is based on collaborations, but I’m more concerned about what it’s based in. Is it genuine interest or is it like a benign curiosity about a culture? I don’t want her to just take that we’re just good for twerking and having big (butts).”

Well, amen.

Do you agree with his stance?


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  • margcool

    Hip-hop today is pretty much cross-over music. I”m not surprised by the collaborations. People are trying to make money. They are getting it where they can.

  • ceeli

    Oh, good grief… as long as you keep taking white people’s money then stfu. A black friend pointed this out to me years ago. He said it’s mostly white kids who buy that cRap. As he said… think about it, think about how many billions are made off cRap “music”… that money don’t all come from blacks, there aren’t enough of them to account fro that much money so it’s whites that give the most monetary support to black cRappers. fornicate you.

  • Avril

    Thank you Questlove! I’ve been increasingly disgusted by this ever since Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, and alll the way down to Miley Cyrus. I’m just waiting for Miley to get to that magic tipping point when she starts to shed “her blackness” and hit mainstream brand new again.