LGBTCLA Williams Institute Scholars Angeliki Kastanis and Gary J. Gates recently released a report on the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of African-American LGBT individuals in the U.S. According to the report, 1,018,700 or 3.7 percent of African-American adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. In addition, 34 percent of African-American same-sex couples are raising their own children.

When compared to their non-black LGBT counterparts, African Americans seem to experience less favorable socioeconomic conditions. These issues are further intensified by gender and whether or not the same-sex couple is raising children. Female same-sex couples earn about $20,000 less than male African-American same sex couples. Those raising children earn incomes that are $15,000 lower than those who do not, the report revealed.

About 84,000 African-American individuals in same-sex couples live in regions that have a high population of black residents but have yet to fully embrace civil rights laws for LGBT individuals. These places include Georgia, Maryland, New York and North Carolina.

“LGBT African-American parents and their children evidence significant economic disadvantage and many live in states without LGBT anti-discrimination laws or marriage equality. Establishing these important legal protections could really help these families,” study co-author Angeliki Kastanis observed.


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  • I know Im going to get ripped for this but is sad. I have nothing against the LGBT community but I believe so many are confused because now it seems like a trend.

    • FYI gays have existed before 2013. Study up, chile.

    • 3.7% seems like a trend to you…. For real

    • I know gays have been around but it seems like nowadays some of these people are just following because they are confused. 10 years ago most now gays wouldn’t admit to being gay but now that its so accepting and its everywhere it seems like people are claiming it just because.

    • march pisces

      i don’t think people are claiming it just b/c. i’d go out on a limb and say 10 years ago it was acceptable to “do you” “be who you are”. as more come out even more feel comfortable in the support they will get from the community.

    • Just because they really want to have sex with a man or a woman without shame. Relationships are not black and white….people experiment sexually throughout their lives. Some don’t. But we know that it’s normal sexual behavior. It only bothers people like you because they are vocal about it

  • black people love the closet….the numbers are higher for sure

    • yes. this is a fact. my daughter is bisexual. most of her friends are out, but a hand full are still in hiding. they are young men pretending to be straight. very dangerous.

  • The math is all wrong. That would be 2%, not 3.nothing. There are 42-44 million black Americans. 1/42•100=?

  • 3.7%? does this mean we can no longer make such bold statements like “most blackmen are gay or on the downlow”?

    • Wake me Up before

      Of course not. Generalizations and homophobia are fun! where would they be if they couldnt hide behind computers and make fallacious statements?

    • kj1986nyc

      When you get an HIV test the paper asks you what type of “sex” you have. The CDC has concluded 72 percent of black men with HIV are MSM that’s with volunteer confidential information. People don’t like to do research, black women are one who general except anything that’s glorifies them unjustifiably. See lesbian black females make 20,000K less, black males have a median income 3,000K more than black females. People just love to believe lies in America to make themselves feel good!