LGBTCLA Williams Institute Scholars Angeliki Kastanis and Gary J. Gates recently released a report on the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of African-American LGBT individuals in the U.S. According to the report, 1,018,700 or 3.7 percent of African-American adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. In addition, 34 percent of African-American same-sex couples are raising their own children.

When compared to their non-black LGBT counterparts, African Americans seem to experience less favorable socioeconomic conditions. These issues are further intensified by gender and whether or not the same-sex couple is raising children. Female same-sex couples earn about $20,000 less than male African-American same sex couples. Those raising children earn incomes that are $15,000 lower than those who do not, the report revealed.

About 84,000 African-American individuals in same-sex couples live in regions that have a high population of black residents but have yet to fully embrace civil rights laws for LGBT individuals. These places include Georgia, Maryland, New York and North Carolina.

“LGBT African-American parents and their children evidence significant economic disadvantage and many live in states without LGBT anti-discrimination laws or marriage equality. Establishing these important legal protections could really help these families,” study co-author Angeliki Kastanis observed.


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