Rihanna Had A Mini Photo Shoot At A Mosque In Abu Dhabi, Got The Boot For Being "Inappropriate"

Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the world’s largest Muslim place of worship, so of course bad girl RiRi decided it would be the ideal venue for a spontaneous Instagram photoshoot. But donning a far more demure outfit than, say, a denim thong (though who knows what she has on underneath) and wearing a hijab, authorities at the mosque were quick to label Rihanna’s photos “inappropriate” and promptly asked her to leave. According to a statement posted to their website, it seems it was less Ri’s ensemble and more her “disrespectful positions” that were the problem. (Reminder: Abu Dhabi is where most of the atrocious “Sex and the City 2″ takes place so, you know, surely RiRi’s shoot is less offensive than that.) Check a couple more shots the singer was able to snap before being kicked to the curb after the jump… [Instagram]

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  • Mr Man

    Disrespectful much….?

  • Lea

    She is drop dead gorgeous in this photoshoot. However, she should have respect for people’s customs. Inappropriate whether she agrees with it or not, don’t go into people’s place of worship and do what they don’t do.

  • MASK

    well Rihanna crosse the red lines…. By law and by nature this is not accepted . whatever your religion is she must respect ANY HOLLY PLACE whether it is a church mosque tempel etc.. NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL

  • LaTigresse

    I am Canadian and I’ve had the chance to spend a couple of months in Dubai in the past two years. Of course, I couldn’t pass out on the opportunity to visit the Sheik Zayed Mosque which is one of the United Arab Emirates’ main attractions (especially Abu Dhabi being only about an hour from Dubai by car)! Emirati women wear what is called an ”abaya” (the black dress) and the sheila (the scarf), it is mandatory for every women (muslim and non-muslim) entering the mosque to wear them. And if you don’t have an abaya/sheila duo with you… they’ll lend you one!! Sadly, when I went to Sheik Zayed’s I had forgotten mine at home (really nice sheila and abaya with embroideries on them) and was forced to wear one of theirs (that another women had probably worn before me urgh..). Even tho I would never wear one on a regular basis, I have to admit I looked really good in my abaya! And because I’m mixed, people also thought I was a local which is quite funny since my mom is originally from Haiti. My girlfriends and I got compliments from our male friends accompanying us (most of them were non-muslims from Europe and North America), they thought we looked really sophisticated and sexy even though we weren’t showing any skin! They pointed out that this shows that we don’t have to show off ”the goods” to be attractive to them. Anyways, that being said, when we were about to leave to go back to Dubai, I had taken the abaya they lent me off to give it back and then realised I wanted to go to the toilets which were located on the side of the building… I was now wearing my ”western clothes” and walking casually towards the restroom area when guards stopped me and told me I couldn’t go through because I wasn’t covered (I had to walk through a specific passage for maybe 5 seconds, it was totally ridiculous)!! I actually told them in disbelief: REAAALLYY??!! They wouldn’t budge. So because of that I had to go back to get another abaya to be able to go to the restrooms.. I found that soooo unnecessary but I HAD to…. True story. So yes, the rules over there are indeed pretty strict.

    Nevertheless, they didn’t mind you taking photos at all (we took tons!!!) because they are very proud of their mosque and I have to admit it is breathtakingly beautiful. I even did a couple of duck faces with my friends haha. Most poses Rihanna did looked fine to me but I would’ve never dared lying down the way she did tho… same way I wouldn’t lie down on a church bench to take a photo… Still, I can tell from the picture that she did that specific pose on the outside area of the mosque where there isn’t much security, and you’re allowed to be dressed in ”western clothing” so I guess it’s not as ”sinful” or ”haram” (like they would say in arabic) as it looks hahaha Also like someone pointed out in an earlier comment, maybe her entourage might have been the reason she was kicked out.