“To be a female narcissist is an act of political defiance comparable to not being humble as a person of color. It’s about preserving your dignity in a world where you’re constantly told you aren’t shit and are expected to act accordingly.”

Confused on how to feel after viewing Rihanna’s newest and, quite frankly, amazing video earlier this week? This quote from Ayesha A. Siddiqi, writer at The New Inquiry, in conversation with Sarah Nicole Prickett and Susan Nicole Shepherd about just what to make of RiRi’s latest offering is a very strong argument for Rihanna doing her thing for women, not for dudes. [The Hairpin]

The Frisky

This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.

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  • RJ

    “How you ever gonna win, if you let them all see your hand? Playing the queen don’t work on your knees as if you understand.”

  • Lola

    Rihanna preserving her dignity? – She’s the woman who dated Chris Brown. After he beat her up to a pulp, she took him back. Dignity indeed…

    Political defiance? LMAO Rihanna is just wearing the uniform created by the patently, pathologically sexist, mysoginistic music industry. All young mainstream US female singers must be pretty, slim, and willing to show a lot of skin. They have to be sex kittens, hot little numbers. Now mith Miley and Rihanna trying to – excuse my French – outskank eachother, the bar has been raised pretty high. That said I am sure that the next generation of girls currently growing up watching female shaking their arse on MTV, Rihanna posting selfies of her arse on instagram and Miley humping a foam finger – are up for the challenge. Watch this space.

    • Wanda

      I don’t know if I agree with you here.

      Are there more pathologically sexist, mysoginistic music industry types now than there were back during the days of Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughn, Diana and Aretha?

      When Madonna was selling sex and skin in the 1980s at the same time Whitney and Anita Baker were selling music and talent, I think that’s when things started to turn. And Madonna always says that she was in control of her image.

    • RJ

      Do you see a mainstream equivalent of Whitney Houston, Sarah Vaughn, Diana, Aretha, Billie Holiday or Anita Baker? Well then, that lets you know that the industry is predominately made up pathologically sexist, mysonginistic music insutry types.

      As far as Madonna goes, that woman was never as in control as she thought she was, that is why she is so desperate for attention now and looks like….well you’ve seen her face.

    • Child, Please

      “Rihanna preserving her dignity? – She’s the woman who dated Chris Brown. After he beat her up to a pulp, she took him back. Dignity indeed…”

      I never understand why people bring this up considering the probability of that this occurring for any woman, famous or not, is high. I

  • MimiLuvs

    For me, I am not convinced whenever I hear a woman (in this case, a celebrity) states that she is acting out her sexuality (in a risque manner, ex: Miley, Rihanna, Janet, Ciara, Nicki, etc.) because she is doing it for herself. And I definitely don’t believe it when she states that she is doing it for all of womankind.
    I just don’t believe it when a music artist/an actress states it. In my head, I’m thinking “You’re doing whatever it takes to sell the most tickets”.

  • “What woman thinks “Damn, you know what would make this video better? An ass twerking in the water. I feel so empowered by how high a female ass can splash water”

    I thought ass twerking in the water made the video better. But I think twerking makes everything better. It didnt make me feel empowered though so theres that.