Matt Lauer of the Today Show got into the Halloween spirit.

It’s that time of year again, folks!

Time to don those sexy nurse, sexy zombie, sexy Cleopatra, sexy *insert random thing here* or the incredibly offensive, racially insensitive outfits and hit the streets. It’s candy time!

I can’t prove it, but in the last few years it seems like Halloween went from a mediocre “holiday” for kids to get all sugared up to a uber popular day for folks to wrap their offices in cobwebs and scare the bejeebus out of their cubical mates while documenting every single gory detail on social media.

While I’ve seen some well-done, comical costumes in the past (uh, peep the King Jaffe Joffer joint), I’m willing to bet most folks use October 31 to engage in the debauchery they’re too scared to get into during the rest of the year.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Moreover, it seems like big business is pushing this manufactured holiday down our throats via scores of costume pop up shops, insane candy deals, and greeting cards (Seriously?! Greeting cards?).

Maybe it’s because Halloween was seen as an almost evil holiday when I was growing up, or perhaps it’s because I just don’t understand dropping a bunch of cash on a costume you only get to wear for a night (or three if you drag it out to a few parties).

But I just don’t understand why folks love Halloween so much. Somebody explain it to me. Please?

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  • sankofa

    I am always so GEEKED for Halloween. Even though I’m in college I make it a point to go home to take my brothers, get dressed up, map out neighborhoods with the best candy, the whole nine! Maybe its lame, but I don’t care. I love seeing my brothers’ faces when they get compliments on a costume they worked so hard on or pooling all their candy together at the end of the night. It’s one of my favorite holidays

  • mEE

    1. you get to dress up as something completely ridiculous and over the top. I literally sat at work all day as a zombie fairy. I don’t want to dress up like a zombie fairy everyday, but once a year? sure!
    2. there’s NON STOP candy and treats. so many treats.
    3. little kids are super cute
    4. a lot of people have super creative costume ideas
    5. …candy and treats again
    6. grown up Halloween is infinitely better than little kid Halloween because of the aforementioned treats AND you get to be inebriated
    7. have you ever gone to a costume party? everyone is so much HAPPIER! angry drunks don’t go to costume parties
    8. candy
    9. treats
    10. because it’s FUN! why else?

  • I’m in my early 30’s and still get super hype for Halloween and when the hubs and I have little ones it will gives us more of an excuse to look a fool, lol. It’s such a fun and awesome holiday and even at times when I don’t get to dress up myself I love to see how creative people get. I also take the longer way home after work just to see the cute kiddies in their costumes. Not to mention all of the great horror movies, mini snickers and candy corn. You are never to old to have fun and I plan to keep this going for as long as I’m mobile. :)

  • adorkABLE

    I LOVE Halloween because it’s one of the only holidays you can enjoy no matter what age you are, I don’t hear the same kind of theme music for two months before the holiday gets here like I do with Christmas and it’s great to see how creative people can get with costumes.