In September, seven-year-old Jakiyah McKoy was crowned Little Miss Hispanic Delaware but was soon forced to relinquish her title after concerns over her heritage led to an investigation and sparked a backlash.

In response to the uproar over the rescinding of McKoy’s crown, the pageant released a statement claiming McKoy didn’t lose her crown because of her skin color, but because her family could not prove she was Latino. Pageant officials also said that contestants will be required to prove their heritage.

Coincidentally, the new Little Miss Hispanic is blond and fair skin.

But what proof would be needed? Immigration papers? DNA testing? The fact that the McKoys told pageant officials that the little girl’s grandmother was from the Dominican Republic was not enough.

Does one need to speak fluent Spanish as proof of being Latino?

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  • verytrue

    “Coincidentally, the new Little Miss Hispanic is blond and fair skin.”
    Just what I expected to happen. Dominican’s are the worst with the white skin, straight hair equals superior beauty. Almost as bad as the Brazilians. The fact is due to the slave trade, nearly all of them have someone in their blood line that looks just like the young lady above. Very sad.

    • Anthony

      It was not a Dominican cabal that deformed this girl. It was the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware people that pulled this crap.

    • Anthony

      I meant defrocked.

    • Anthony

      Seriously, I know about Dominican racial issues, I just don’t see in the article where Dominicans did anything to her. If anything, she looks like any little Dominican girl.

  • just asking

    A bunch of hypocrites, its ok for Latino pageant officials to ask for papers for this little black girl, but all hell broke lose when they thought the state of arizona was going to ask for papers.

  • I don’t understand this. Proof? What kind of proof? Stupid ****.

  • @ Just asking

    You make a good point

    Like I said parents ruin everything for the kids and then you got the pagent official that couldn’t stand the heat. Oh, well she might go on to win Miss. USA then what would they say.

  • Jasmine

    this is the most frustrating thing about our society. People seems to think that Dominicans are all of lighter skin. NO. We aren’t. My family is from the Dominican Republic and I’m dark-skinned. Get over the stereotypes, because the Afro-Latino community isn’t just one assumed shade of color.