Well look at that, people actually like diversity on their tv screens. That’s true at least according to a study done by UCLA’s Bunche Center for African-American Studies.  Their research found that cable shows between the 2011 and 2012 tv season shows with at least 1/3 of their casts who were people of color garnered the highest ratings. Those shows with casts that were composed of 90% of white people had the lowest ratings.

But it’s not just cable tv getting a ratings boost because of their post racial casting.  Network tv shows with diverse casts performed best in ratings as well.

“It’s clear that people are watching shows that reflect and relate to their own experiences,” Darnell Hunt, a UCLA professor and author of the study, said in a statement.

I’m not sure if these findings will have any impact on next season’s shows, but it’ll be interesting to see if the networks try to diversify casts in hopes of higher ratings.

Hollywood Diversity Brief Spotlight 2013

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