Richmond Senior High School in Rockingham, North Carolina recently held its annual pep rally. And needless to say, from the looks of the video, not much “pep” was going on. According to Jennifer Michelle, an alum from the high school and host of WCCB Charlotte’s Everyday Runway,  students were not allowed to get up and show some pep.

“This is the worst homecoming I have ever attended,” stated Michelle.

Well, from the looks of the video, she might be right.


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  • Stephanie

    crowd control gone too far… like the school that got rid of all balls ( footballs, baseballs, basketballs, dodge balls… basically anything fun ) … ( or like the girl who was practicing a science experiment learned IN class ) (or like the sober girl driving her drunk friend home and was expelled) … these catch all rules are too much. Kids don’t need overseers, they need educators. Jaded teachers are the worse …hope those kids get a do over

  • StopTwerking!

    Good for the school. Until kids start acting like *kids* you will continue to see rules being enacted by school educators.

  • chnyere

    Wow, this is great!!! Now that they are not allowed to get live at their own pep rally, they will have so much more energy to do foolish stuff outside of school. Yaah for logic!!

  • Stephanie

    we didn’t have this kind of bs when Ralph Robertson was principal!