Virgin America enlisted the help of Virgin Produced, Director Jon M. Chu, Choreographers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott, Virgin America teammates, and YouTube dance stars like Todrick Hall and Madd Chadd to their in-flight safety video a new song and dance — literally. From the exit doors to the oxygen masks, no seat belt was left unbuckled.



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  • Me

    I think they got the idea from Delta. If y’all ever flew Delta lately, their safety video is full of cute jokes. I always wonder if anybody noticed. Guess Virgin just went the extra step.

    • LemonNLime

      I noticed and I thought it was cute, but man Virgin blew them out of the water!

  • Tori

    Todrick hall is amazingly talented, as well as the other singers/dancers/actors in his videos. This made me want to fly Virgin America!

    My favorite video of his is Beauty & The Beat. His rendition on classic disney characters and songs is so fun. I highly recommend you watch his videos. Glad he’s getting recognized.

  • Belle

    OMIGOSH, I want to fly Virgin America now