When VH1 announced the casting for their TLC biopic, “Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Movie,” we were skeptical. Could Lil Mama, Drew Sidora and Keke Palmer carry the strength, vulnerability, edge and charisma of one of the most successful girl groups of all time?

The film, which premiered on VH1 last night, exceeded our expectations but it was Lil Mama’s breakout performance as Left Eye that blew us away. We got chills watching her nail Left Eye’s explosive attitude, sing-songy voice and animated mannerisms.

The movie reminded us why we became fans of the fun-loving yet courageously feminist trio of women. The plot told a story of a friendship that endured in the face of heartbreak, financial exploitation and illness. Even death couldn’t sever their bond as Chilli and T-Boz’s love for Left Eye is evident in the way they still acknowledge her after her tragic passing.

It’s true that several performances weren’t up-to-par (Drew Sidora and Evan Ross, for example). A few key players in the TLC story were noticeably absent like Usher and Jermaine Dupri. And some viewers though the sequence around Left Eye’s death was rushed and the plot was choppy. Still, it was a worthy tribute to TLC, it boasted an incredible career-changing performance from Lil Mama and at the very least, it was impressive for a TV movie. What did you think of the film, Clutchettes?

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    I haven’t seen the movie yet. But, I heard through interviews from Chili and T-Boz how Pebbles and LA Reid ripped them off. When I heard Pebbles was a minister I laughed. I said to myself..that must be another one of her business ventures. I thought it was interesting how she was disturbed by her depiction in the film. She was dirty and she treated them dirty and any negative backlash she receives from the movie is of her own doing. I’m happy for Chili and T-Boz.

  • Apple

    I think they did a great job. Everything was on point from mannerisms to exact voice. They must have been studying old video for months!

    I must ask though.. When I’m going to get my Aaliyah movie tho? And no, Drake you can’t be casted as the lead -_-

  • I loved it! Some parts were cheesy but I really enjoyed it especially that whole “Creep” scene showing their relationship issues. I thought to myself ok now we’re getting somewhere! Lil Mama you did your thing girl!!!! Keke and Drew did their best :)

    Did anyone else see Pebbles’ daughter threaten Chili on twitter? smh.

  • Lol Her daughter threaten Chilli on Twitter isn’t that something. You know someone in here mention that in the movie that made Pebbles be mean especially towards Chilli. I kept hearing a rumor pop up that Pebbles found Chilli with La Reid could be a crazy rumor who knows? Also I wanted to add that now I see why Chilli ended her relationship with Usher after he cheated she had been through all that with Dallas.

  • Sugabunny

    Lil Mama killed it! I think she should try her hand at acting in more roles. I think the guy Chilli was with in the movie was a mix between Usher and her son’s father. I figured that out because the guy worked in the music industry (Usher) who got a girl pregnant (Tamika Foster) that also worked on set.