Viola DavisMen aren’t the only one’s getting lean for roles in Hollywood.

Viola Davis, the Tony award-winning actress that captured America’s heart with her performance in The Help, is apparently using Hugh Jackman for fitness inspiration. According to People magazine, the actress is following the “Wolverine Diet” to play Susie Brown in the upcoming James Brown biopic film, Get on Up.

“[I’m] losing a little weight. When I say ‘a little,’ I mean ‘a little,’ ” she told PEOPLE. “I’m not a weight girl much.”

Jackman’s diet, Davis said, called for limited food intake during an 8-hour period and 16 hours of fasting. However, there are no limits on what can be eaten within the 8-hour period.

“For eight hours in that day, you eat anything you want. They tell you not to binge, but you choose those eight hours.”

What will Davis be scarfing down her hours of food freedom?

“I’m a former ‘big girl’, and I like the fat burgers, the turkey fat burgers and the ‘skinny’ fries,” Davis told People. “That being said, I eat a lot of low-carb pasta.”

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