"The Face" - Screening - Arrivals

Naomi Campbell is Vogue Thailand’s November cover girl, but at first glance, you’d probably wouldn’t recognize her.

If I had to guess, the design team gave her the “Fair & Lovely” treatment:

To turn the supermodel into this:


I got a light skin friend look like Michael Jackson. I got a dark skin friend look like Michael Jackson.

There’s nothing new about magazines photo-shopping the hell out of a cover model, but this photo pretty much turned her into another person.  Where’s the rest of her nose? Blue eyes? Her face seems a lot more heart shaped, and of course the obvious is the filter they used for the skin color.

Last week,  Campbell was breathtaking in the  W magazine editorial that styled her as Michelle Obama, but this cover right here, doesn’t do the model any justice. By justice, I mean I wish they would have left her features alone.

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  • Me

    That commercial is disturbing. Everything from the obvious dark makeup (blackface) to the whole concept (skin lightening), to “Unbelievable!” being the only English word in the commercial. Whoa!

  • Paige

    That commercial…I can’t *smh*

  • White supremacy wins…lol..redamndiculous

    • BeanBean

      Not in this case. Thailand is dominated by the Chinese. Guess what color chinese people are??? Guess how dark Thai people are? The victor sets the standards and the defeated follows them. It’s sad, but they need to fight to change things.

  • I’m not surprised.

  • Deb

    I bet she was HEATED when she saw this. This is an asian mag so not surprised AT ALL.

    • Starla

      @Deb That’s the first thing that crossed my mind, knowing Naomi she is pissed as hell.

      Yeah, it’s an Asian mag..they don’t even put their own dark skinned people in magazines, much less on the cover.