golliwog costume

Amazon had a PR nightmare on its hands because of a “golliwog” costume that was being sold on their site. The “Adult Golly Fancy Dress Costume”, that was sold on the Amazon.uk, is a black rag doll character from Victorian Era books written by Florence Kate Upton.  The dolls are reminiscent of minstrel shows, with its black hair, black skin and clown lips.

Amazon customers expressed their outrage over the costume by posting negative reviews:


Interestingly enough, Orion Costumes, is the Amazon private seller that had the costume for purchase.   But according to Orion’s website, where you can still buy the costume, it is described as a “retro doll”.    So who knows, maybe the Orion removed the costume after all of the 1-star reviews, and Amazon really didn’t have anything to do with the removal? It’s the 1-star reviews that can really kill an Amazon merchant.

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  • I really don’t understand why people don’t understand. SMH

  • SMH at this and the people who just don’t understand. I am glad Amazon removed it.

  • lil ray

    Understand that people do realize that this racist and they dont care because they are racist.

    the only thing shocking here is that amazon removed the costume.

  • I think racism is something which should be omitted completely from the various individual’s mind. This is such a sin for the society and divide the people in the categories without any valid reason behind that. Amazon have carry forward with such a shocking step by removing the costumes, its quite weird.