After last night, the staff at Armani may pay a bit more attention to the content they post on social media. During the Governors Awards Monday evening, an image was posted on Armani’s Instagram account of actress Alfre Woodard wearing an Armani gown. The caption read: “Idris Elba posing in a gorgeous Armani dress at the 5th Annual Governors Awards.”

The mislabel could be considered an irresponsible mistake, perhaps by a frazzled intern. But for many black users on Instagram and Twitter, it was a clear case of white people assuming that all black folk look alike.

Infuriated, several people participated in a trending topic #ArmaniCaptions where they mocked the error by posting images and mislabeling one black woman celebrity for a black male star. Tamar Braxton was captioned as Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin as Ruben Studdard, Serena Williams as Floyd Mayweather and so on and so forth.

Armani deleted the faulty caption of Alfre Woodard, but their offending acts didn’t end there. They later posted a picture of Idris Elba and Naomie Harris, captioning Naomie as Idris’ girlfriend rather than costar.

Before the Armani team attempts to cover another event on social media, we kindly suggest that they sit for a “Black Hollywood 101” course.

What do you think about their big mishap(s)?

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  • BeanBean

    I don’t think it was racism, just pure stupidity. If the employee didn’t know who it was, they should’ve asked an EXPERT and not turn to the chick sitting next to them and ask, “Hey what’s her name?” “I think that’s Idris Elba” “Okay, thanks. (type wrong name)” I think Armani of all companies should know that Idris Elba is a man, he does wear their suits!

  • SavoirFaire

    What would be funny is someone to go to an Armani boutique and replace all the labeling with ‘Walmart’.

  • Your truth

    Hopefully, the unprofessional writer should have been reprimanded rightfully so and just more than a slap on the hand!

  • V

    I dont think it was racist. The non-black person who wrote the instagram post obviously did not know who Alfre Woodard or Idris Elba were. And to play devils advocate, if you didnt know who the actor was, or never heard the name before, Idris could easily be mistaken for a female name : /

    • Blasè

      racist or not, it’s insulting and unprofessional. if you don’t know who’s in the picture you google it. you don’t just pick whatever name sounds right.

      this is the same as “confusing” Dame Judi Dench with Russell Brand or Katy Perry with Monica

  • Jenosaykwa

    Yeah they should be reprimanded for not doing a simple google search or something to find out who the actress was but I think it was an honest albeit stupid mistake.