Next week is dreaded Black Friday and with the recent rash of racial profiling cases making the news, The Daily Show offered some tips for those shopping while black.

Hiring an old white woman as a personal shopper doesn’t sound like a bad idea. And hell, she’ll probably be able to pick up a few extra items, since white people are least likely to be profiled, at Barneys, of course.

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  • nikki martin

    I have one that wasn’t mentioned…my black self and my black wallet with my green cash and blue credit card are staying home. I’ll sit back and laugh while retailers whine about how not enough people were spending over the holiday,

  • I’ve worked in retail for three years and I vow the only black Friday shopping I will do if any is online. I feel to bad for sales associates as I was once one myself.

  • @stardancer

    Yes, amazon and I are pretty close too, sometimes to close.