In what is yet another legal slap in the face for Marissa Alexander, this evening Judge James Daniel postponed her motion for bond hearing until January 15, 2014. Marissa’s legal team argued that she should be given bond because there’s no longer any animosity between her and her ex-husband and she’s not a flight risk.

The State argued there’s no new evidence so she should not be granted bond.

Alexander has maintained her innocence, saying she fired a warning shot when confronted by her attacking, threatening husband, Rico Gray. Gray’s two sons from a previous relationship were also in the room when Alexander fired the shot.

Daniel  also scheduled a new trial for March 31, 2014.

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  • Naan

    I would really like for people to talk about the actual facts concerning this trial and not only mention “she claims she fired a warning shot.”

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the trajectory of the gun.? Her returning to the car to get the gun? Her going to his house, violating the restraining order? Her shooting at him in front of his kids?

    You want to talk about her sentencing then okay. Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten 20 when they offered her 3. But does this woman even realize where she went wrong starting with entering the house of a man she had a restraining order against because she “thought” he wasnt home?????

  • Anthony

    The absolute worst thing about our justice system is that prosecutors and judges have so much say over cases when it is obvious that they have made mistakes. So many people stay in jail, not because of evidence, but because of prosecutorial egos.

    I pray for this beautiful sister’s freedom.

  • Go crawl back under your bridge.

  • She rolled the dice and lost. Made a huge mistake and now is paying. Just glad the children weren’t hurt. Hard lesson learned here :(