Former NBA player and current analyst Charles Barkley came to the defense of Clippers forward Matt Barnes for his use of the n-word in a tweet after being ejected from a game last week.

Barnes was ejected from Thursday night’s game for shoving the Thunder’s Serge Ibaka in the chest.  Barnes was coming to the defense of his teammate Blake Griffin after he got into a rebounding tussle with Ibaka.

Following his ejection from the game, Barnes took to his Twitter account while the game was still being played to tweet: “I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these ni**as! All this sh*t does is cost me money. …”

The tweet was later deleted, and the Clipper was fined $25,000 for “failing to leave the court in a timely manner upon his ejection and using inappropriate language on his Twitter account during the game following his ejection,” announced the league.

On Friday, Barnes apologized for his use of the racial slur but told reporters that he will continue to use it.

“The word I used is a word that’s used on the court, used in the locker room, used amongst my friends and family; it’s a regular word to me,” Barnes said. “I think my mistake was using it in a social manner, which I regret and I apologize for it. But you guys have to get used to it.”

Former NBA star Charles Barkley joined Inside The NBA to voice his opinion on the incident.

“Matt Barnes, there is no apology needed,” Barkley said. “I’m a black man. I use the n-word. I’m going to continue to use the n-word with my black friends, with my white friends.”

Barkley acknowledged that Barnes should not have said the n-word publicly, but took aim at white media for blowing it up.

“White people, white reporters…they don’t have the courage to go into the locker room,” Barkley said. “That’s why they’re reporters.”

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  • MommieDearest

    I am so done with Big Chuck and other kneegrows like him…

  • Cleopatra

    Um I don’t see the point of the outrage? Lots of other black players say n*gga all the time, why is this even news. (Matt Barnes is black for those assuming otherwise)

  • noirluv45

    Charles Barkley…clown to the 100th degree! Never liked him!

  • beejcee

    The reason for the LA Clippers to play Matt Barnes? For him to cause this kind of disruption, just take a look at his stats! Next time Matt, just take up a collection for your fine.

  • Amabel

    Charles Barkley needs to learn something called black politics and black pride. He has diarrhea of the mouth and says things that white people quote and use against us when the time is necessary. When you say something like ” I use the ‘N’ word with my white friends” what message are you trying to send? And then later on back track and say well white people can use it but be careful who you use it on. UHHHHHH HOW ABOUT THEM NOT USING IT AT ALL. AND how about you show some tact and not reveil everything for the sake of not looking studpid and illogical. White people look for every excuse to use the word and we give them every non good excuse not to, stop sending the message that it is ok for white people to use it when IT IS NOT. You may be the right one, but some other black person out there will not tolerate what you tolerate.

    Secondly, if you use the ‘N’ word privately, take your own advice and don’t admit that you use it in private without prejudice. Black men need to learn when to hold their tongues infront of company. Yea it’s ok if we use it IN PRIVATE, so keep it PRIVATE, cause its PRIVATE and then no one will know you use it ESPECIALLY WHITE PEOPLE. Charles Barkley is an IDIOT of EPIC PROPORTIONS, and needs to be muzzled every now and then.