At any given moment on the radio there’s music that some people deem misogynistic and violent.  There are those who take music for its entertainment value and could careless about the message it spreads. Then there are others who want to get rid of the garbage permeating the airwaves. Kwabena Rasuli, founder of the “Clear the Airwaves Project,” wants to make sure children aren’t exposed to some of the music given airtime.

“Clear the Airwaves Project” is based out of Chicago they’re not only going after the radio stations, but also the advertisers.

One of the biggest advertisers they’re going after is McDonald’s.  On any given day, you can see protesters standing outside of one of the many black-owned McDonald’s on Chicago’s South Side, holding signs with warnings about the music their children are listening to.

“We feel that the music being played on the radio is influencing our children and is detrimental and should be for adults only,” said Rasuli.

“This is music that encourages girls to be strippers and young men to kill each other, to pop mollies or Ecstasy pills, and to be unrealistically materialistic,” Rasuli said.

“In about 90 percent of the songs, they drop the n-bombs and in about 80 percent, they are calling our sisters the b-word.”

The Chicago Sun Times reached out to the Black McDonald’s Operators Association for their opinion about their advertising efforts, but they declined to comment. Clear Channel Communications said there “is always open to having dialogue with members of the community and listening to their concerns.”

Is there really anything that can be done in regards to what’s being played on the radio besides turning it off completely? When parents want to guard their children from viewing dirty websites, there’s always parental controls. But unfortunately, parental controls don’t exist on the radio.

If people deem the radio to be a wasteland of violence and misogyny, protests could work. But will advertisers pull their money out of corporations like Clear Channel and Radio One?

Clutchettes, what do you think about the music played on the radio?

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