Jawon Johnson, 18, is a freshman football player at West Virginia State University and had an unfortunate run in with Maryland cops in Havre de Grace. Johnson was pulled over for making an illegal u-turn, which landed him in Harford County Detention Center on a federal warrant.

A federal warrant that did not belong to him!

In a recent interview with the local Baltimore CBS news station, Johnson recounts his experience. 

“I never thought I would be sitting in jail, especially for something I knew for sure I didn’t do,” Johnson said.

“I told them the picture wasn’t me. They continued and insisted on, in fact, it was me,” said Johnson.

Jawon Johnson was confused with Jawan Johnson, the actual man involved in a D.C burglary case. But why did it take four days for the police to realize their mistake?

“I was in the cell 23 hours a day,” he said.

Johnson was brought to federal court in Baltimore. His fingerprints were finally ran and his picture was sent to prosecutors in D.C. and, of course, they found he was not the Jawan Johnson they were looking for.

Now Johnson’s mother is seeking action against the arresting officer and legal counsel.

Jawon’s mother wants disciplinary action taken against the arresting officer.

“I just felt like he was thrown in shark infested waters,” Juanita Johnson said.

“They could’ve released him not knowing that this was the correct man. Now that you have the wrong man, I have to sit and do time,” Johnson said.

Havre de Grace only had this to say: “The department honestly thought it had the right person. A comparison of a photo on the warrant and Jawon Johnson’s drivers license seemed to match up.”

Seemed to match up?


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  • I don’t look like him!

    Seemed to fucking match up??? I hope this kid sues the shit out of those racist assholes!!!

  • People wonder why people become bitter and angry because outrageous shit happening to young black males and females.

  • Jess

    Umm yeah I was also highly outraged, until I saw the local news last night. Turns out that the names of these two men differed by only one letter Jowon vs. Jawon, and on top of that, they also had the exact same birth date. So yeah, I was thinking the whole “you all look alike” shit too, but there were several coincidences in this case which lead to his arrest and detainment for four days. Sad but true.

    • Nothing but love

      No that’s called false imprisonment, you don’t get to say ….”My Fault”, after the fact.