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In 2006,  Crystal Mangum falsely claimed Duke lacrosse players gang-raped her at a team party where she was hired as a stripper. The case caught the nation’s attention, as the coach was forced to resign and the university canceled the remainder of the season. After the Duke lacrosse scandal, Mangum’s life has been anything but normal.

Last week, Mangum was convicted of second-degree murder for stabbing her boyfriend in the chest during a fight in April 2011.  He died a week and a half later, and now Mangum faces up to 18 years in prison.

Mangum claimed she stabbed Reginald Daye in self-defense, after he allegedly chocked and beat her and then dragged her out of the house.

“He was bigger than her. He was on top of her. He was choking her. [She gave him a] single stab wound to the flank,” Mangum’s attorney, Daniel Meier, said in court during the trial.

“He straddled me, hit me, and then he started choking me,” she said in court, WTVD-TV reported. “I couldn’t breathe. My head hurt real bad.”
“I was just trying to survive and I felt like Reginald was trying to kill me,” she added during her testimony.

But according to ABC 11 News, prosecutors argued that the woman, who has a “history of physical violence toward boyfriends,” had attacked Daye.

Mangum’s supporters didn’t feel the verdict was fair, and was based on what she did in the past.

“I feel like the verdict wasn’t based on the evidence presented. It’s based on what is perceived to be her past indiscretions,” supporter Jackie Wagstaff told the station.

Before he died, Daye did admit to dragging Mangum by her hair, but only because he was trying to get away after she stabbed him.

Daye’s relatives were relieved by the verdict.

“We are just so overwhelmed,” cousin Tracey Daye-Wilson told WRAL. “I thank God the jury made the correct decision, and we are just very happy.”



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  • Missie

    I’m glad she’s going to be locked up. Sorry for the man that lost his life dealing with this nutcase.

  • Dee D

    This woman has serious issues.
    I believe she possibly was raped that night, just not by those players, and chose them as a scape goat to possibly gain more sympathy.
    I agree that with the other commenter who said Crystal has now made a very difficult for any black woman who was raped (especially by a white man) to be taken seriously. It is so funny that the one time the media decided to give one of our stories major attention it turns out the woman was lying.
    Anyway, I hope she can get some type of counseling in prison and work through her issues.

  • Mari

    I’m glad her deviance has caught up with her, of course nobody would believe her lying behind. Just wish her retribution had not been at the expense of that man’s life. Those who lie about rape should be given the same punishment that would’ve been given to their alleged rapists. She absolutely disgusts me.

  • Tina L

    She’s a good example of why one should google search & look at local court records online for potential partners. It’s hard to understand how people like her and Zimmerman continue to find people who are willing to date them with everything that’s publicly known about them.