I’m not sure who at Home Depot thought this was a good idea. In any event, the company is in full apology mode on Twitter.



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  • Anonin

    “I’m going to Lowes after this”


  • Fredsan

    Its crazy they say we look like monkies but if you put a white dude in the same outfit the bothas sre wearing, he would look just like the mascot!!

  • Kat Thumbelina just a teensy bit racist…

  • vintage3000

    I am convinced there is a pandemic of racist insanity among many caucasians.

    And if that pic is not photoshopped, I wonder what those two guys were told or what they thought about sitting there.

    • Anonymous Jewish Pedophile

      Settle down, hero. It’s well-known that Ken Langone is racist.