Harry RoselmackThought Don Lemon was the only outspoken newscaster in the world? Meet Harry Roselmack – a man who is actually using his words to fight injustice.

Roselmack is France’s first black newscaster and he recently commented on his country’s “deep-seated racism”. Roselmack did not become the only non-white news presenter on TF1 until 2006 and that was after the president Jacques Chirac begged media outlets to hire more ethnic minority journalists following the race riots.

Angered by comments about the furious monkey chants targeted towards black justice minister Christiane Taubira, Roselmack penned an opinion piece in Le Monde.

“Racist France is back,” Roselmack said in response to a massive increase in the growing social conservative nationalist group the National Front. “What saddens me is the background of racism that resists time and slogans, not only within the FN, but deep in the French society. This is a legacy of ancient times, a justification for a supreme and criminal domination slavery and colonization.”

“While it is false to say all FN voters and sympathizers are racist, it is equally false to say that there is no racism in this party. Xenophobia and racism are the essential glue that binds it. And it is not unhelpful to see its republican veneer crack from time to time.”

Christiane Taubira has reportedly been racially abused by FN members several times within the last month. One FN electoral candidate, who is now suspended, said she would “rather see [Taubira] in the trees than in the government”. Young children protesting against gay marriage in France were also filmed waving banana skins at Taubira while shouting, “Who is the banana for? It is for the monkey.”

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  • Maria

    Oh please don’t American have enough about there own Black problems?
    As far as being call a monkey who has fur and if shave is as Pink as any white human
    What a laugh a funny total bullshit.

  • BeanBean

    France has been a homogenous white country for over two thousand years, and many ignorant people refuse to accept that there are non-white living in their country. It’s their own fault really, slavery, colonialism, ect. That’s why minorities are in their country in the first place. These racists need to get over it. I hope there are more than a few black newscasters in all of France.

  • Donnie

    One thing many black people in America do not understand (because they don’t see it) is that white supremacy/hatred of black people is literally a worldwide phenomenon. It is evident not only in America, but in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and all the way back around to America. It’s deeper than the KKK and American-style racism. It’s embedded into the minds of millions, maybe even billions of the citizens of the world. I spent a lot of time in Europe and when I came back to America, it was odd for me to see how much self-hate and internal conflict exists within the black community. For too many of us, the enemy is our brother or sister. But when you see that there is literally a whole world against you, you realize that black people need to stick together.