There’s nothing like the smell of some homemade fried chicken.  Well, that’s only if you’re into fried chicken.  But then again, the smell of food after eating it, isn’t something that’s actually appetizing, at least to me.

So what do you give that person that has it all, especially if that person loves fried chicken? How about a fried chicken scented candle?

“Your home can now smell like fried chicken all the time, without having to actually fry chicken,” says Whit Hiler, co-founder of Kentucky for Kentucky, a business that promotes small-batch products from the Bluegrass State. “Thank you sweet baby Jesus. Thank you Kentucky for being the first state to fry chicken.”

Commissioned by Kentucky for Kentucky, only 25 candles were made and were sold out by Friday, November 22 at 10:30 am. But don’t fret, the site says there will be an extra 100 made, just in time for the holidays!

Ale 8, ginger and citrus scents, and Kentucky Derby,  vanilla-bourbon and mint aromas, will also run on this curious, limited-time line.


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  • I hate for my house to smell like food!

    • stellaxo

      i kind of agree, but not even dessert??

  • I’m a vegetarian and couldn’t be more disgusted by this. SMH

  • No, just no. I don’t like overly sugary or food scents. But candles are like jelly beans people will make scent for everything.

  • Annoyed

    Forget the Kanye video. THIS is funny.

  • Orchid

    I must admit this is an interesting idea for a product. I’ve been to Kentucky Derby a few times. I imagine that Kentucky Derby candle has an earthy, woodsy smell probably. I bet the vanilla-bourbon candle smells good! I’ve been on Bourbon Tour at the Jim Beam Distillery and picked up a Jim Beam candle. It smells like vanilla-bourbon but not overly sweet.