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Jameis Winston is a Florida State football player that is currently involved in a rape investigation.  Allegations surfaced last week that the Heisman Trophy prospect was involved in an investigation of a reported sexual assault that occurred in  December 2012. The accuser, who was a FSU but withdrew after details were released by the media last week,   says Winston sexually assaulted her at an off-campus apartment on Dec. 7, 2012.

Thursday, DNA test results determined the chance of the DNA in the woman’s underwear being a match for someone other than Winston was one in 2.2 trillion. But Winton’s attorney, Tim Jansen , said the sex between the Florida State quarterback and his accuser was consensual and questioning why results of law enforcement DNA testing had been leaked to the media.

“We are not surprised with the results of the DNA,” he said, per the Tallahassee Democrat. “We voluntarily submitted to a DNA, the only thing we are surprised by is it was leaked out by law enforcement. The question the people should ask is why is it being leaked? For what purpose?”

“We’ve never ever said he wasn’t there,” Jansen added, per the AP. “We never said any of that.”

Although the accuser filed case last December, it was  made inactive in February 2013 and reopened last week. The family of the accuser issued a statement Wednesday criticizing Tallahassee police’s handling of the case, saying that a detective had warned the family’s attorney the accuser should “think long and hard” about pursuing the case in “a big football town.”

Throughout all of the comment sections of articles written about Winston, there are split reactions.  Some feel the accuser is  trying to get back at  Winston because of a “break-up” and have left seemingly detailed posts about the relationship the two college students had:

Olivia Lorenzo · Palm Beach State College

Renee eat a snickers because you sound like a dumb*ss when you’re hungry…
1.) Winston had a girlfriend from back in high school who is a basketball player at Rice University.
2.) The alleged victim was a hook up buddy/side piece who knew Winston, her roomate dated a WR on the FSU Football team.
3.) His girlfriend was set to fly in to spend the weekend with Winston, obviously having a side piece is not cool and he attempts to break it off.
4.) This upsets alleged victim, as she had hopes for more and wanted to be the #1 in Winstons life
5.) She was upset on twitter around 11:45 on december 6, and talked to a friend on twitter if she needed to call her.
6.) In a fit of rage, she claims Rape.
7.) Wheels get set in motion and FSUPD refers over to Tallahassee Police Department, she panics and says she does not know the perpetrator and describes someone completely different than Winston. She does get a rape kit administered.
8.) At a later date, she finally does identify Winston, but after she was questioned/warned about her inconsistent statements and decided she better drop it. She becomes unresponsive to requests from TPD to gather more information.
9.) Meanwhile Winstons party becomes aware of an ongoing claim/investingation to rape. WInston is truthful to the Attorney/Jimbo Fisher from the get go about the whole situation with the alleged victim. Additionally, he provides two witnesses confirming what happened that night including his teammate and HER ROOMATE. They sign written affidavits confirming Winstons innocence.
10.) Months pass by and her Aunt Lawyer catches wind of the possible rape of her niece…and although the girl still doesn’t want to press charges Super Aunt & Partner/Associate Press on sensing a potential civil case.
11.) Alleged victimes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are suspended within the last week
12.) There are tweets, pictures and posts that will prove she was still cheering on the very team/player that she claimed rape against
13.) They lead the case ID # To Matt Baker and TMZ in attempt to bring this controversy to light…Works like a charm.
14.) As the case is getting moved forward the facts will start to come out, pretty soon the whole thing will unravel since she was never honest and the whole thing snowballed and got away from her.

Other commenters point out how many people are actually defending a potential rapist:

Joshua Clagg · Cannon Crewmember at U.S Army

What’s funny is….you are all defending a potential rapist!!! Lol….you don’t know the story…let it play out….see what happens…and if found guilty, then he’s guilty. What else is funny is had this happened to any other team…like Alabama or OSU etc…..you note fans would be on it like white on rice.

Winston  has not been arrested or charged with any crime.

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