Renisha McBride
Community leaders are planning to assemble Thursday evening at the Dearborn Heights Police Department to demand answers in the slaying of Southfield teen Renisha McBride.

According to the Detroit Free Press, members of  her family said, “they believe the African-American woman was racially profiled by the homeowner. They said McBride, whose cell phone had died, had gone up to the house on Outer Drive seeking help after she was involved in an auto accident early Saturday morning.”

Dearborn Heights police are seeking unspecified charges against the homeowner, who has yet to be identified.

According to reports, McBride was shot in the back of her head with a shotgun as she turned to leave the front door.

“We are outraged and demand to know this man’s identity; He doesn’t deserve to have his identity protected and we demand his arrest,” said co-organizer and author Dream Hampton. Hampton is organizing the event with Yusef Shakur, an author and local community activist.

The protest is scheduled to happen at 6 p.m. this evening at 25637 Michigan Ave in Dearborn Heights.

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  • I am still in disbelief that the police tried to cover this up at first. I hope everyone who can, will attend the rally because this homeowner has got to face some justice. You kill someone because they are knocking on your door, asking for help.

    • Dalili

      I hope so too @geenababe!

      It seems rallies and public demand for justice(it’s come to that) is the only way this police department will be held accountable. This was a heartbreaking story. We truly live in a world of irrational fear. I mean someone knocks on your door(albeit at 2am) and the appropriate response is to shoot them in the back of the head with a shot gun??!! My heartfelt condolences to her family.

  • I agree with Dream Hampton. The police and officials are so quick to release anybody else picture on the news at the drop of a dime so why is this person not revealed. This young lady didn’t need to lose her life and the fact that she did in a way that was so senseless AND avoidable speaks to the fact that heads needs to roll and proper charges need to be filed….( second-degree murder) because the murderer was reckless and negligent. And with the police being wishy washy and super secretive says that there is something worth exploring here especially with the cover they fail to do. Is there a petition of support for this Renisha Mcbride and her family? And where are the so called “black leaders” to help spotlight her injustice?

  • Ernie Love

  • lil ray

    No Justice No Peace.

  • Phillygurl

    He shot her in the back of the head. I have a hard time understanding why they haven’t identified the shooter and have yet to file charges, especially if it was determined that she was unarmed.