Everyone seems to have a crazy storyline on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season. Kenya Moore is texting a married man, Porsha Stewart is battling back and forth with her soon-to-be ex husband and Kandi Burruss is prepping to walk down the aisle to Todd Tucker, if her mother doesn’t get in the way.

Kandi’s Mom, a familiar face on the Bravo series, is adamantly against Kandi making things official with Todd. In an interview with ABC News Radio, Kandi claims Wendy Williams first put the bug in Mama Joyce’s ear that Todd had negative intentions.

Via The YBF:

Why Mama Joyce Hates Todd:
“I can tell you when it started. Last year when Wendy Williams was commenting on our show every week and she was like, ‘[Todd’s] an opportunist. I think he’s an opportunist.’ Next thing I know, my momma comes back and is like, ‘Wendy said that he was an opportunist.'”

How Mama Joyce Has Halted Wedding Planning:
“I haven’t decided yet if I want something that’s small and just us or if we wanted to do something bigger and invite people. What was stopping me from even planning is the fact that my mom is not being supportive. It’s like, okay do I really want to have a wedding and my mom may not show up or if she does show up she’s going to be mean and negative? You know, you don’t want the bad energy either.”

Why Kandi Still Loves Todd Despite Family Rift:
“I just love everything about him…He’s very smart. He’s very intelligent. He’s a leader. He’s not the type that’s going to try and tell me what to do, but he’s great at helping guide me in a way. And I think that I need a man that’s just as strong so he can deal with me because…I can be a little strong.”

Wendy, though? No matter how Mama Joyce developed ill feelings toward Todd, they still present a difficult conundrum for Kandi. If you were in her shoes, would you move forward with someone your parents disapproved of?

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  • I have and probably will again. My dad probably wants me to become a nun and my mom, well, I think she just wants me to be happy.

  • binks

    I agree with those who said it depends. My parents are usually neutral about my love life because they trust my judgment and standards but if they have something to say about a guy I am dating or who I liked then I will hear their warning because if they are expressing some concern then it is for a reason. Now if it is something superficial as they just don’t like how the guy look or their personalities just don’t gel well together then no I don’t listen to them. I learned long ago that what your parents think who is ideal for you and who you think is ideal for you are two different lanes sometimes both ideals meet in an intersection but for the most part most parents think that so and so isn’t right for their little prince or princess.

    As for Mama Joyce and Kandi, I think Mama Joyce needs to realize that Kandi likes and is drawn to certain guys. And despite her grievance and concerns Kandi needs to make her own choices and mistakes. There is a fine line is wanting to protect your children and wanting the best for them and just wanting to control them because from the looks of the show it always seem liked mama Joyce don’t want Kandi with anybody but want to keep it just her, Kandi and her granddaughter.

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    It depends on the person. Kandi is an incredibly smart,’savvy, honest, grooooooown woman. She pays her own bills and mamas, she has survived and achieved longevity in a famously fickled industry,’and shes no teeny-bopper with dreams of a magical romeo.
    She knows whats up, will insist on a prenup, and is grown enough to decide that i love this man and he makes me happy enough that even should it not work out this happiness is worth it. More power to her. I have deep sympathy for Porsha, but she was an innocent, not-self made girl who was indeed believing in magival romeos. She was willing ro sacrifice herself, and so needed someone in her corner advocating her interests. That is not kandi

  • Maxine Bankston

    Moma Joyce needs a life and that is the problem – Kandi needs to check her mother on some issues and be a woman and make her own decision – Be a role moel for her daughter – because Kandi duaghter is going to be confused with all the mess going on and listening to her grandmother talk negative talk about Todd