Remember that episode of the Cosby Show when Dr. Huxtable catches the tap dancing bug and manages to challenge Rudy’s instructor in the most hilarious dance battle EVER?

Well, an adorable preschooler channeled her inner-Cosby when she took to the stage during a performance of “Broadway Baby.”

During the routine, the girl wiggles, sings along to the song, and manages to outshine her fellow tappers with her energy and exuberance. The audience is dazzled by her antics and rewards her with hearty laughs and applause.

Although the video is from June, it came across my radar thanks to a Facebook post by writer Demetria Lucas, who was also enthralled by the little girl’s performance (despite being slightly annoyed by her ad-libs).

Of course, while most focused on the little girl’s too-cute moves (which seemed to still stick to the routine, albeit sped up),  others felt the need to dig far into the racially offensive barrel of hateration and condemn this little girl to a life of lawlessness and mental health struggles.

One commenter on the Man Repeller blog remarked the pint-sized dancer was clearly “off her meds,” while another said, “It’s going to be really funny 20 years from now when LaQueshia there is on the six-o’clock news for not having any self-control and committing a crime.”


But here’s the rub, folks.

For all of the talk about post-racial, inclusive America, black children are still held to harsher standards than their peers.

While the video showed a normal, cute outburst by a delightful preschooler, some saw it as a manic episode by an out of control child. I’m almost certain that had a little white girl done the exact same thing folks would be hailing her independence and creativity, not dooming her to a life of crime. But such is life.

Thankfully, most were able to see this performance for what it was: a little girl having fun. And for our children, who are often forced to grow up way too soon, that’s all that matters.

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  • Betts

    Here is my theory: the choreography was stale, boring and shall we say a bit “whitewashed”. This lil girl was dancing like old school black tap and wanted to break out into something of more rhythm. I loved her. Or she might just be a 4 year old. Kids do the darndest things.

    • Nic

      Um, yes. Also, I’ll have what she is having.

  • I saw no coochie popping! The child is not old enough to have a coochie. What I saw from innocent and fair eyes is a very active child of color who does not have a routine for her activities but is only having fun. What in the hell is wrong with some of these commentors? I believe she was simply more active and a little more outgoing than the other members of her tap squad. Gie all of them a hand clap for being in this activity and getting a long! My God!

  • The RealKay

    *sigh* This is why I rarely read comments on videos featuring children of color. Some of the comments are just hateful. Even when that child is doing something quite normal, the racists will come out of the woodwork and twist it into something criminal, crazed or ludicrous. I remember I saw a video years ago about a kid who a math whiz or something and while most sane people were like “Hey, that’s cool.” The racists were debating how much White blood the child had to have in order for him to be a genius, because CLEARLY a person of African descent can’t just be an intelligent individual. *smh* I saw this young child as being a normal, well-adjusted kid who was bored. That’s all.

  • A different dance mom

    Some people can’t handle it!?!? What that little girl did was ridiculous. The mother is worse! She gave the chid soda! That child was bullying the little girl next to her. I do not care if she is black, white or green! There is a time for play and a time for being goofy. A dance recital is not the time. Some children in that recital were upset by her antics. She needs a good spanking and she needs to be disciplined. Not rewarded all over the internet and on tv shows. THAT is the problem with children now a days. Parents think their children can do no wrong so the children think they can get away with anything. It is a damn shame!

    • Ice

      How sad do you have to be to hate on a 4 year-old. hahahahahaha and your white a$$ does care if she is black. If she was white it would have been a different tune for you.

    • White a$$ don’t care

      I would have thought the same thing. Any child acting like that during a recital needs a good spanking! Unlike you, I don’t judge by the color of skin. I am looking at the behavior of the child!

  • Lyssa

    this little girl was adorable and enjoyed herself. How fun!
    That Brian guy who made the comment about her future is insufferable racist in denial. Be racist if you want. but own it. How embarrassing for you that as an adult you can’t own your own space and thought like this happy child did on stage

    this video made me smile. I’m going to watch it again now.