Malia Obama, Dante de Blasio Named Among TIME’s Most Influential Teens

Lady O ain’t the only Obama winning awards these days. The little baby that became a member of the White House at such a tender age is growing up — and America has taken noticed.

TIME has named 15-year-old Malia Obama one of its “16 Most Influential Teens”. The magazine praised Malia for maintaining composure and grace and for acting, well, normal. Being the daughter to one of the most powerful men in the world could grant any child a free pass to do whatever they want but not Malia. She’s remained poised and unbothered by cameras and negative press.

And just how influential is the teen? TIME cites Obama’s credit to his daughters for the supportive position he took on gay marriage.

De Blasio’s 16-year-old son Dante, who became New York City’s “latest fashion icon” during his father’s mayoral campaign, also appears on the list.

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  • SE

    Wow she’s so beautiful. Well that’s great that they listed her as one of the most influential teens. She seems well adjusted.

  • yes

    I love them both but what exactly is their influence. lol. I am serious, what is it? reaching much? Maybe kids see them and believe they can be in a place of privilege? Dunno.

    • justanotheropinion

      @ Yes – I thought I was going to be the only one who felt like this. This is part of the problem nowdays – ppl get accolades for doing nothing but showing up or being related to someone that has done something. Let’s go back to the days when one is recognized for doing something above and beyond the rest.

  • lea

    ” The magazine praised Malia for maintaining composure and grace and for acting, well, normal.” this is dangerous, so because she has a spotlight acting normal is rewarded? Even more dangerous, as a black female, maintaining composure and grace whie acting well is influential? So black women be silent and compliant in life about your issues and get rewarded hmmm. Yea I can commend her for not going all miley cyrus on us thank God, as influential, what stripes did she earn on her own without being affiliated with her dad? Malala Yousafzai was caught in an assassination attempt due her activism and lived to tell about it, that’s influential.

  • lea

    dante is an icon because he grow’s his hair out, quest love had an afro for year, black people have had an afro for years. i feel these awards for them were given for just being there and did not wanting to research influential teens who were doing something really awesome, like how about the florida 16 yr old girl who passed the bar exam?