A couple of weeks ago I was trying out some new makeup tricks my sister taught me.  I had her new concealer palette and two new Cover Girl Queen foundations. I was about to do my best imitation of a YouTube makeup star.

Well, it didn’t go exactly as planned. At least I did think it went fine, before I saw photos of myself.   Everything looked fine in my bathroom lighting, but as soon as I hit the daylight and I started taking photos of myself, I wanted to run into a bathroom and have a do-over. My caramel skin looked like Casper The Friendly Ghost.

One guy friend thought he’d be funny and said, “I got a light skin friend look like Michael Jackson”.  All I could do was roll my eyes at him. Sure, I’ve used the same line before, so paybacks are a bitch.  Thankfully no one accused me of lightening my skin, like Tami Roman got accused of this week.

Earlier this week, Roman posted an image on Instagram, and to say she looked a bit lighter than normal would be an understatement.  Many people via social media accused Roman of bleaching her skin.

“Please say this is just bad make up and lighting …,” wrote @MsBabyDoll117 on Twitter.

“WTF did Tami Roman do to herself?! She’s on that Sosa juice … three shades lighter,” wrote @lovekivi, referring to former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa, who first bleached his skin in 2009.

Ok, so Sosa juice was funny.

In this case, I highly doubt Roman did any skin lightening procedures, I think it’s just a bad makeup job.

Women  have to be extra careful when choosing the right foundations and concealer, because if you’re just one shade off, you’ll have the Tami Roman effect.  I’ve learned recently the rule of thumb is to  make sure you’re applying your makeup in a well-lit area.  Also, if you use a foundation with SPF (wherein the active ingredient is titanium dioxide)  it will  leave a white cast, especially if you set the foundation with silica powder. The best thing to do, is to use a foundation with little to no SPF if you’re going to be photographed. Also, before you leave the house, take a photo of yourself using a flash.  If your makeup looks “off-color, you may need a do-over.

No one wants to walk around looking like Sammy Sosa by accident.

See, Tami’s color is “normal”:

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  • Starla


  • Angel

    Very sorry, but girlfriend has on what I call “drag queen” make-up and I mean no disrespect to drag queens when I say that. Most drag queen makeup is a purposeful CARICATURE of what a woman looks like.
    And I NEVER could understand the allure of blonde hair on a person of color unless it’s your natural “it-grew-outta-my-head” color. Whatev.

  • Tay

    Nice article! If I may add to it – another thing to look out for as well are powdered mineral foundations. They tend to make the wearer look extremely ashy because they turn too red/pink and the flash greys it out … *corpseface*. From my experience with make-up for print, most consumer brands just don’t work for pictures really. Not enough pigment, too much spf, color usually off.

    I do recommend Blackup for a pre-mixed foundation though. And Makeup Designory, Cinema Secrets or Graftobian for custom mixing (thin these down with primer or moisturizer and build up to he coverage you want).

    Ben Nye makes amazing setting powders in a range of colors.

  • Always test foundation in unfiltered natural light. If the room you apply makeup in doesn’t have that, get a lamp with full spectrum lighting or better yet (what I’ve done) get an OttLite mirror. Joann Fabrics has a range of Ottlite products in-store, and Target dot com has the Ottlite mirror on their site.