It’s finally here! The weekend that most of us have been waiting for: Best Man Holiday premieres.

Now some of you have already seen the movie after waiting for hours in packed IMAX theaters at screenings nationwide. You’ve kept your lips sealed (thank you kindly!) until the faithful day (November 15th) to not blast spoilers on one of the greatest anticipated 90s sequels. But for those of you that have been reading and watching interview after interview about Malcolm D. Lee’s movie, you’re probably squirming in your seat to see if all the hype will actually hold up.

So we want to know Clutchettes…are you going to see Best Man Holiday? If you did already, how did it turn out? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know!

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  • Mama Sunshine

    I plan to see it. I’m not too concerned about who these cats are married to. In fact I didn’t know who they were married to until I read this post. I’ve never read Taye Diggs’ negative statements regarding Black women and I’ve only heard of Terrance Howard’s alluding to some madness but still, I’ve never read or heard anything direct. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, I just never witnessed any of it myself. With that being said, I can see where those who choose to boycott this movie are coming from. If I had actually heard or read something negative from any of the men from the film maybe I’d be skeptical about seeing it, but then again, why should I punish the entire film because of I couple of ignorant fools? I enjoy the work of Malcolm Lee and I’m a big fan of most of most the folks starring in it so, yes, I would still see the film. I can’t wait…