Open Thread: Do You Want to Learn a New Language?Do you remember when you were required to study Spanish or French way back in high school? Has your grammar broken since then? Did you want to learn a new language after school but just couldn’t find the time?

There are currently more than 6000 languages spoken around the world today. Each day this figure decreases and it’s expected that 50% to 90%of these languages will no longer exist by 2100. Also, it is estimated that 75% of the world does not speak English.

The benefits of learning a new language extend far beyond what most people might think. Besides having the ability to communicate with other people when you visit a foreign country (or a diverse part of the nation such as New York City), learning a foreign language is extremely beneficial for information retention and offsetting dementia. It improves not only your creativity and mental flexibility but also your critical thinking skills.

In fact, people who study new languages tend to perform better in a variety of other subjects in school. Bilingualism also pays off in the work world as it sets you apart as a stronger asset, resulting in higher pay or more job opportunities in certain fields.

Have you considered learning a new language? If you could, which one would you learn and why?

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