Marissa Sargeant claims her 14-year-old son (pictured), who was not named, was attacked by Tullytown, Pennsylvania police officers after the teen was arrested for shoplifting.

Sargeant told NBC10 Philadelphia her son was busted with two adult relatives swiping goods at a Walmart in Bucks County on Tuesday night.

But she maintains the Tullytown cops who cuffed her son went too far and beat the teen so bad he was left with a broken nose and two swollen eyes.

“The picture speaks a thousand words,” she told the news station.

From NBC Philadelphia:

Authorities say after the teen’s arrest, and before he was loaded into a police car, he took off running along Route 13 while handcuffed.

The Bucks County District Attorney tells NBC10 that police officers yelled warnings at the teen and fearing for his safety, they fired a stun gun to subdue him. The D.A. says the Taser struck the boy in the face and with his hands cuffed, the boy had no way to brace himself against falling face-first.

“That doesn’t sound right. There’s no way, if he was running from behind, that he would get hit with a taser in the front of his face,” said Sargeant.

Sargeant says the officers must have hit or kicked her son, and then told him not to tell anyone. The boy was taken directly to the hospital for treatment.

Police aren’t offering up anymore information because of the family’s threat of a lawsuit.

“I just want some justice. I even pray for the police officers because they need help,” said Sargeant.

The case is currently not under investigation,  until the District Attorney’s Office in Bucks County requests one.

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