Everyone used to tell me find a man with potential.  But that was back in my twenties.

When you’re a twenty-something and embarking on the dating world,  a common piece of advice always given was to look for someone with potential.  Someone that has goals and is working towards accomplishing them. But in your thirties,  when do you draw the line with potential?

A Facebook friend recently wrote something that a lot of people can relate to:

“At a certain age, a man’s lot in life can be seen as a direct reflection of his level of consciousness, courage and ambition, and that women “need to stop with this potential shit, and find someone who is proven”.

Potential vs proven?

But what do you measure proven by?

The amount of money in their bank account? The number of  degrees they have?  They type of car they drive? The square feet of their house?

Or is it something internal, that can’t be seen?

If you’re living in any major metropolitan area with large number of professionals, chances are it’s not that hard to find someone who thinks they’re already proven. This goes for not only men, but women as well. In the D.C area, successful women and men are pretty much a dime a dozen, but success doesn’t always equal proven.  The most successful or proven person isn’t always the one with the most potential.

If you’re looking for someone that is proven, are you actually bypassing those who have the potential to be proven, eventually?

Eventually? That’s another issue.

I’ve met tons of people who are still hustling and striving on a daily basis.  Waiting for their next big  break. I’ve also come across people who have seemingly been broken, by waiting for that break.  Although they realize their own potential,  others haven’t.  Eventually doesn’t always come around for everyone.


Clutchettes, (and the few gents around) So what is a single person to do? Just wait along for proven? Or go out and find potential?

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